April’s Diable Rouge: Glock Strap

Name: Glock Strap

Number: 9MM

What are the reasons behind derby name/number?
The name started as a joke when people said my name should have something to do with my occupation. Somehow, people loved it and it stuck.

Which position do you play? Blocker, jammer (sometimes)

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned playing derby?
I’ve learned how much I enjoy the sport and doing something outside of work.

What is your most memorable derby moment?
Locking arms with an opposing skater during my 1st bout ever. Also, how my best friend made t-shirts with my face on them and got a group of people to wear them to the bout.

What are your goals in roller derby?
Continue to have a strong, competitive team. And keep enjoying the sport.

Who is your favorite roller derby team?
So far, I like ALL teams.

What first attracted you to derby?
My friends and I, the same ones who made the shirts, went to a home bout in BR. I had never seen it and knew nothing about roller derby. After the first 5 minutes, all I wanted to know was, “How do I join?”

What type of gear do you prefer?
187 pads. I love Atom wheels.

What do you do when you’re not playing derby?

Glock Strap blocking; Koch Photography

Glock Strap blocking; AKoch Photography

Outside roller derby, I work in the Uniform Patrol Division of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

Do you have a favorite skating song or a theme song?
There are many songs I love skating to, but my favorite is “Footloose.”

Do you have any advice to anyone thinking about playing derby?
Learn to skate before joining. It’s like learning to swing a bat before joining a baseball team. It’s kinda important. Skating is the base of the sport.

Did you play any sports before roller derby?
Nope. I didn’t play sports in high school or college.

When did you first join Red Stick Roller Derby?
After that 1st bout, I joined the league. June 2010.

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