July’s Capital Defender of the Month: Toni Smasheries!

Toni Smasheries

What’s the story behind your name and number?
I was living in Houston when I started playing with Houston Roller Derby. I wanted a derby name with my cajun roots and my brother-in-law Jason Heil came up with my name. My number is my son Zachary’s birthday, 0605. I just took out the zeros.

What positions do you play?
All of them: Pivot, Blocker, and Jammer.

What’s your favorite thing about derby?
Hitting people… legally.

What first attracted to derby?
Kat Tasotpe got me to go to Houston Roller Derby tryouts. She skates with the Hotrod Honeys (Texas Rollergirls) in Austin and is one of the girls that restarted derby 10 years ago!

What is the most valuable thing that you’ve learned about derby?
Positional Blocking.

What type of gear do you prefer?
Pro Design and my faithful Riedell Skates.

Do you have a favorite song to skate to?
“99 Problems” by Jay Z.

Toni Smasheries coming in to smash an entire wall of opposing blockers.

If you could arm wrestle any person in the league who would it be and why?
I’ve already arm wrestled Val Killmore and lost. If I could do it again, I’d arm wrestle Glock Strap because she’s a cop.

Is there a teammate with whom you work best?
Tyger Lishus. She’s my derby wife, best friend, and my other derby half.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
I take care of Baby Smasheries and I work at Sno’s Steakhouse.

Do you have any advice to anyone thinking about taking up derby?
DO IT!!!! It will change your life and you will LOVE it!

When did you join Red Stick Roller Derby?
In February 2013. I love it and all of the RSRD girls!

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