Red Stick Roller Derby Remembers Sunday

On Sunday, April 21, 2013, ABC aired the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie Remember Sunday.  Why would Red Stick Roller Derby mention this to you, dear reader?  Because the film featured a three minute scene that takes place at a roller rink.  What’s that?  What’s so special about that you ask?  First, we want to thank you for asking.  It’s nice that we get to talk like this sometimes.  Second, because some of the members of Baton Rouge’s roller derby league, RSRD, appeared as background skaters.

The film stars Chuck‘s Zachary Levi and Gilmore Girls‘ Alexis Bledel and, as evident in the screen capture above, Red Stick Roller Derby’s Tyger Lishus (she’s the one with the pink hair).  Also appearing in the film are Tyger’s fellow league members, Kat-Attack, Beat Ho Ven, and Ink-N-Run.  (Okay, okay, the RSRD league members weren’t really stars of the movie exactly, but maybe next time?  Remember Sunday 2:  Roller Derby Boogaloo, coming soon to a television near you…?)

A lot of fun was had.  Thanks, go out to ABC, Hallmark, and the cast and crew for being wonderful.

For more information on the movie Remember Sunday, head over to its IMDB page, or you can watch the trailer here.

More images and a link to the video of the scene in question, after the jump!

Beat Ho Ven's big movie break (he's the one in orange)

Remember this as the moment Tyger Lishus and Ink-N-Run hit the big time

Kat's on the far left, Ink is in the snazzy pink jacket, Tyger's to Ink's left, Beat's the man with the NES controller, and on the far right is the man spinning the tunes in the clip linked below

You can see the entire skating rink scene over on our YouTube channel.

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