Things Get Colorful With Red Stick Roller Derby

On Saturday, April 20, Red Stick Roller Derby decided that Baton Rouge could use a little more color.  That’s why we went ahead and signed up to volunteer for the Color Run Baton Rouge.  The Color Run is just about what it sounds like, but in case you didn’t know, the race is a 5K where people, well, throw different colors at the runners at each color station.  Our group of volunteers were heads of the Pink Station, which was located right next to Louisiana’s State Capitol.

The Color Run sponsors a charity in each city that it visits, with Baton Rouge’s charity being Louisiana Runs.  Louisiana Runs provides support to individuals and organizations dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of running in the state of Louisiana.

We’ve created an album of photos of the bright and very, very pink day over on our Facebook.  Go flip through them HERE!

In addition, The Advocate has been so kind as to post photos from the race, including quite a few shots from the aforementioned Pink Station.  They also gave Baton Rouge’s roller derby league a shoutout.  You can look at the Advocate’s photos HERE.

Thanks go out to Advocate staff photographer Heather McClelland.

And remember, Red Stick Roller Derby is back in action on May 18th at Leo’s Rollerland, as your Capital Defenders will take on the East Texas Bombers of Jacksonville, Texas.  Tickets are on sale soon, but in the mean time you can RSVP on our Facebook event page or check out more info on our blog entry.

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